Precision milling technology tailored to your requirements

“In order to manufacture a tangible part, we manage with quite different specifications. We make do with a sketch, a layout or a model, but we are also technically equipped to such an extent that we can relocate your CAD data directy onto the CNC portal milling machine and adjust this where required.

Due to our excellent product quality and the perfectly matched equipment and machines, we are able to carry out precision cutting which is characterised by a high accuracy of fit. The time and cost savings associated with the CAD linking make even the production of small quantities economically feasible. Therefore it is possible for us to react flexibly to special customer requests. ”

CAD linking and CNC machines for clean milling work

The Franz Kunststofftechnik machine park

“The following list shows you the machine park with which our staff take up the challenge. This enables us , for example, to deal with plate sizes of up to 3,650 x 1,650 x 250 millimetres.

  • 5-axis CNC milling centre
  • 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling machines
  • 4-axis interpolable milling machine
  • Panel and circular saw
  • Drill press
  • Multi-purpose milling machine
  • High-polishing milling machine
Machine Machining length (in mm) Machining width (in mm) Passage/height (in mm)
Control system
ACCORD 40, 5-Achs-CNC-Milling machine 3.650 mm 1.560 mm 250 mm XILOG Plus
Record 120, CNC-Milling machine 2.500 mm 800 mm 200 mm NUM
Witech 2015, CNC Milling machine 2.000 mm 1.500 mm 350 mm WITECH 2015 ECO
Witech 2015 Performance CNC Milling machine 2.000 mm 1.500 mm 200 mm W HSC 6000
DMG MORI “ecoMill 70” 5-Achs-CNC-Milling machine 950 mm 600 mm 500 mm Sinumerik 840 D
DMG MORI “CMX 1100 V” Vertikal-CNC-Milling machine 950 mm 500 mm 500 mm Sinumerik 840 D

All of our machines have state-of-the-art technology status and are regularly serviced and checked.

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