Franz Kunststofftechnik: Forming and bending

The plastics only become aesthetically perceptible for the viewer when they have their form. This charm is not only a critical issue for customers in the media and advertising sectors. The design of technical components and machines for corporate communication and product marketing in industry also plays an increasing role. Attractively designed plastic components and coverings are eye-catchers at trade fairs and exhibitions, which lead the viewer to a product.

Franz Kunststofftechnik has shown a fine sense for the charm and brilliance of the manufactured plastic parts for decades. We need this sensitivity. For, with professional machining, plastics display aesthetic product features which cannot be shown in any drawing. And it is often exactly these features which our customers particularly appreciate. ”

Forming plastics for any desired visual effect

Always the highest quality, even when individualised

“The attention with regard to the appearance and quality of our products runs through the entire process chain. Our model makers take great care in creating forms. They work with sketches, layouts, models, design drawings or even with CAD data.

On wire and quartz-emitting bending benches, our staff ensure clean and precise bending of the edges of the plastic parts.

In this way, the desired technical and visual effect of even individual parts manufactured in small quantities can be achieved. ”

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