Our plastics glossary

What is which plastic suitable for? What processing methods are used? What are the special features and what are the differences between cast and extruded acrylic glas?

Our glossary answers these and many more questions with technical terms from plastics technology.

Franz Kunststofftechnik gives you information on technical terms

Better visual features than PMMA-XT, good polishability

Highly transparent, many colours, high level of hardness, rigidity and strength

Transparent, very impact-resistent, good high and low temperature behaviour

Without plasticisers, good mechanical strength, resistent to acids and alkalis

High impact and notched impact strength as well as abrasion resistance, good sliding properties, low inherent stress

Like PE-HMW, yet with a higher abrasion resistance

Good chemical resistance and even better heat resistance than PVC-U and PE-HD

Robust, abrasion-resistant, good vibration damping, resistant to solvents, fuel and lubricants

Hard, rigid, abrasion-resistant and very dimensionally stable at high temperatures

High strength, good machining (short span)

High strength and hardness, high chemical resistance, good dimensional stability

Thermally stable, high chemical resistance, high dimensional stability, high thermoforming properties, UV-stable

Highly heat and chemical-resistant, low friction resistance

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