We employ quite diverse methods in order to manufacture a finished component according to your construction design. We are happy to use a drawing, a layout or model but equally we have the technical capacity to input your CAD data directly into our CNC machines, making modifications if required.    

Tool exchange station for the CNC milling cutter


The time and cost savings achieved by the CAD link prove beneficial even to the manufacturer of smaller production lots.

Regardless by which method we realise your ideas, all parts are precisely, finely and cleanly machined.

The following is a list of the equipment our experts meet your requirements with :

• 5 axis CNC milling centrum
• 3 axis and 4 axis CNC milling
• 4 axis milling adjustable
• Fine trimming saws and circular saws
• Box column drills
• Multi-purpose milling machine
• High gloss milling equipment

Machine List - Click here