Once it acquires its shape plastic attains an aesthetic element for the observer. This characteristic is critical not only for customers in the media and advertising sectors. In industry too, the design of technical components and machines plays an increasingly important role in corporate communication and product marketing. At trade fairs and exhibitions, elegantly shaped plastic elements and  enclosures form eye-catching features that induce the observer’s gaze to a product.  

material: PMMA

Collecting tray
for tablet tester
material: PMMA

  Franz has for years demonstrated a keen sense for the charisma and luminance of manufactured plastic components.
This sensitivity is crucial for us.

The professional processing of plastic reveals aesthetic product characteristics that are not to be found in any drawing. And very often it is exactly these characteristics that our customers desire most.

The attentiveness paid to the appearance and quality of our products infuses the complete production chain. Our modellers take the greatest care in the creation of the form. They work according to sketches, layouts, models, construction drawings or CAD data.

  Bending shape for
Machine cover
material: PMMA

Our employees work at wired and quartz stream folding tables to ensure clean and precise edging for plastic parts.

Thus we are able to individually achieve the desired technical and optical effect in smaller production volumes.

Form for the production of OP lamps made from PMMA