For almost 60 years now we have been manufacturing technically superior and aesthetically pleasing products using thermoplastics.  

We offer our customers from the mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, trade fair construction and media industries with individual sophisticated solutions to meet their technical and creative demands.

The technical characteristics and optical attractiveness of today’s thermoplastics are continually opening up new areas of application. This drives us and our customers to push back the boundaries and develop evermore innovative products.

State-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable and experienced employees form the basis upon which high-quality products are created. Close interactive engagement with our customers, suppliers and raw materials manufacturers ensures that from an early stage we are able to recognise and professionally fulfil new requirements.

On the following pages we shall detail exactly what this means for you and your company.

Georg Franz establishes the company in Berlin.

His son, Ekkehard Franz, establishes the Wassenberg plant.

Wassenberg becomes commercially independent.

Company newly established as a limited liability corporation with Ekkehard Franz as managing director.

His son Hendrik Franz
becomes the third generation of the family in the company joining as the second executive director.